With Nexe, reach an audience without limits

1 Mar, 2016 | Press note

From now on all shared hosting plans include unlimited data traffic. You don’t need to worry about if your page traffic anymore. After all, that is the aim, getting traffic, isn’t it?So your message will be able to get to much more audience. And all without involving any increase in the price. In Nexe have a commitment with the quality of the service we provide and we are proud of being very good listeners. You asked unlimited traffic and now we are finally able to offer it to all our customers.

Unlimited data traffic

Does it mean that I can use high-resolution photos without fear? Yes. Of course. Now you will be able to use high resolution images and videos without fear of depleting the monthly bandwidth. However it is important that you follow a minimum recommendations in order that your site does not become too slow. Among the most important are:
  • Use tools to compress the images.
  • Use tools to manage your site cache.
  • Upload your videos to external platforms such as Youtube or Vimeo.
In this article you can find a whole series of interesting recommendations and tools if you use WordPress: