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Sounds like television


34,99 EUR€


34,99 EUR€


34,99 EUR€

The corresponding ccTLD for Tuvalu. It is popularly identified with the word ‘television’. For TVs sites, film and television, multimedia content.

Procedures and methodology

  • Renewal: You can renew your domain before the end of the registration period. We recommend activating the self-renewal option from Client Area
  • Transfer: Need AuthCode to authorize the transfer.
  • Contact changes: No special requirements, do it from the Client Area.
  • Restoration and Pagerank: Once expired, domain enters in the Grace Period where the domain is not running but it is still possible to renew it without penalty. After this phase, the domain enters in the Redemptiom Period, which it will still be possible to recover the domain by paying a penalty. If after this stage the domain has not been recovered, it goes on Pending Delete period, then, the domain cannot be recovered. Finally, after this period, the domain will be available for registration.
  • Release: The domain is available 75 days after the end of the registration period.

Standards and references

  • Attribution: Available to all persons or entities who request it.
  • Sintaxi: You can use between. 3-63 characters. Including numbers and dashes inside.
  • Multilingual (IDN): No

Clicle life domain

LastEs pot renovar?
Active domainHired period
Grace period30 Days
Penality period40 DaysPenalty price: 100€
Erase period5 Days
Available domainDomain free to register