Terms of Service

Rev. 11-20160615
Nexe.ws and other web pages of the group are under commercial operation of Nexe Tecnologic, S.L., NIF B98572365, with registered offices at carrer Vicari Belenguer, 6-11, 46120-Alboraya (VALENCIA); registered in the Commercial Registry of Valencia, Volume 9708, Book 6990, Page 107, Page V-156613; who will be referred to hereinafter as Nexe .

Conditions of access and use

Forbidden all acts that violate the law, rights or interests of third parties, the right to privacy and honor, data protection, intellectual property and ultimately any action that may constitute unlawful conduct. Specifically but without limitation Nexe prohibits the following:
  1. Actions that arise in the website or through it by any means any damage to systems Nexe or others
  2. Perform without proper authorization any advertising or commercial information directly or covertly, sending unsolicited bulk mail (” spamming “) or sending large messages to block network servers (” mail bombing “). Nexe impartial receive from different organizations that are fighting the use of this type of notification when a user or contracts Nexe send massive spam. If Nexe receive these notifications will let you know it’s because the CONTRACTOR, immediately ceases to these malpractices. Nexe not decide whether to enter the address to which the CONTRACTOR has sent unsolicited e were obtained with holder’s consent but act whenever an organization dedicated to combating these activities and the there-notify these organizations receive complaints from persons who receive unsolicited emails, and therefore if the CONTRACTOR does not leave the Using these practices Nexe cancel the service immediately and resolve this contract reserving the exercise of any legal action necessary in order to defend their interests.
  3. Likewise, it is expressly forbidden to use programs designed for the purpose of causing trouble or attacks on the network. It is also prohibited to try to test the security of servers performing any input or action that proves not strictly necessary for the enjoyment for the user. Nexe may discontinue at any time access to your site if it detects use contrary to law, good faith or these general conditions.


The contents included in the website Nexe have been developed and included:
  1. Own Nexe using internal and external sources, so that Nexe solely responsible for the content developed internally.
  2. Users, through collaboration or voluntary introduction of content, these being the only ones responsible for them and is expressly exempt Nexe from any liability that may arise from them.
  3. Individuals and companies outside Nexe , either through collaborations that are inserted directly into the site, either through hyperlinks, these being solely responsible for the contents as input and is expressly exempt Nexe all responsibility in the terms specified in the Spanish legislation. In addition, through the website Nexe are made available to the user for products and services as Nexe as others to be marketed and be subject to the general and special conditions of each of them. Nexe not guarantee the truth, accuracy or timeliness of the content related to services offered by third parties and is expressly exempt from any liability for damages that may result from errors or lack of features that can provide these services to third parties. The user who wishes to establish a link on your website to web Nexe not make use illegal or contrary to good faith of the information, products or services made available on the aforementioned website, specifically the users who enter a link or hyperlink is committed to:
    • Not destroy, damage or alter in any way the content, products or services made available to the user on the website of Nexe
    • Do not declare Nexe assumes oversight of the link or the contents of the website of the user to enter a website link to Nexe on your own website. Nexe not be liable for any content or services the site where the user is included a link or website link to Nexe .
    • Do not include in your own website the trademark, trade name or any distinguishing belonging to Nexe without the prior permission of the company.

Data Protection

User information about the existence of a file and request for consent to the processing of personal data:

In relation to the personal data provided by users in the registration form to Nexe , strictly regulations established by Law 15/1999 on Personal Data Protection and other legislation which develops and informs the CONTRACTING the related data will be included in a database for processing and paying the CONTRACTOR consent by accepting these terms and conditions in this treatment.

Purpose of data:

Nexe collects certain personal information that is freely entered into by the CONTRACTOR in a form in order to hire different services and identify and respond to requests made by CONTRACTOR. Nexe reports that this data automatically managed by the administration, expansion and improvement their services as well as technical and commercial purposes on products and services offered. In any case, the data collected and processed by Nexe are only the basic for the purposes outlined above.

Mandatory data entry:

To access the website Nexe is not necessary to provide any data. However, to make requests for information or request a particular service, it is necessary that the user Bring data into forms on the website for the purposes described above. All fields are optional except those specifically indicated as mandatory. If not completed the result is the inability to provide the service that is to hire or inability to submit the request for information.

Rights of access, rectification, cancellation and opposition:

The CONTRACTING enter your personal information in the registration forms have full right to exercise their rights of access, rectification, cancellation and opposition at any time by requesting it info@nexe.ws.com .


There is no transfer of data to third parties fully Nexe . The CONTRACTOR accepting these conditions you agree that your data may be transferred to social organizations with identical composition (the members) who Nexe , these data will be used in all cases for the same purposes for Nexe . Nexe informs CONTRACTOR that by adhering to these conditions consents necessary and essential to the communication of your data to manage services hired, communication linked to the purpose for which the data were entered and therefore, related to free and legitimate acceptance of the legal relationship between the Client and Nexe , whose development, implementation and control involves the necessary communication of such data. In any case Nexe carries out, or is responsible for the personal information of third parties that the user allotge any of the contracted services. In relation to personal data that the user may like this is who must have their own privacy policies, their files and generally comply with the laws and regulations that place.


Nexe ensures absolute confidentiality and privacy of personal data and therefore have adopted security measures to prevent alteration, loss, or unauthorized access, thus guaranteeing its integrity and security. However Nexe not be responsible for any incidents that may arise concerning personal data when they arise: either an attack or unauthorized access to systems so that proves impossible to detect or even prevent it being adopted necessary measures according to the state of current technology, or a lack of diligence of the user or contracts regarding custody of their passwords and personal information. Also, the USER is informed that their data can be in servers outside the European Union, but always with countries and / or companies that subscribe to the security protocols of the European Union.

Accuracy of data:

The CONTRACTOR is responsible for the accuracy of their data, promising to not introducing false data and to rectify the same if necessary. Nexe makes available to the CONTRACTOR every means she can proceed to the modification of their data. It allows you to make this change from one private and secure area that has contracts Nexe and accessed by using the key obtained from the user record, hence the CONTRACTOR shall be especially diligent in custody these keys. The CONTRACTOR states that when introduced but the personal data of a third party that is authorized by its introduction.

Spamming or sending unsolicited emails:

Nexe is absolutely contrary to the practice of spamming and never done this type of behavior – Nexe only sends emails to those facilities that have registered as users Nexe and, therefore, accepted the Terms and its policy Data Protection for sending this information or, if appropriate, those related to any community which participates Nexe such as Facebook , Twitter or Google+ . Nexe not allow the use of these practices by the USER, proceeding to the withdrawal of services can be contracted Nexe and reserving legal actions are required.


Nexe act as the processor in relation to any personal data that the user be responsible and be hosted on systems nexe.ws and provided servers Nexe are the primary location of the file and thus do feature specifically. Nexe therefore assume the legal obligations established by Law 15/1999 of 13 December on the Protection of Personal Data for the processor-Article 12 – thus not being in any provision of these data by the user responsible for them an assignment of data to determine the effects of the law. Thus Nexe provide the services responsible for the data in the terms set out in the General Conditions of the provision of services specifically contracted by the user. Nexe therefore only use these data according to the instructions that will be responsible indicated and only for the purposes outlined in the contract of service requested is not communicating this information to third parties respecting the confidentiality of the same. Nexe adopts both the treatment of these data all security measures and organizational techniques required by article 9 of the Data Protection Act and legislation that develops. The CONTRACTOR is therefore solely responsible for hosting or data can get through hosting services and other services that have engaged in Nexe and therefore this is that the law must meet notifying Protection Agency Data relevant files and generally abide by this law marks in relation to personal data allotge.

Responsibility Nexe

99% of the time online, guaranteed. Conditions

  1. If a shared server with more than 1% of downtime during any month, you may receive one month of credit for this hosting plan.
  2. Approval of the credit is at the discretion of the internet more and depends on our records.
  3. The maintenance of the server does not count as downtime.
  4. The fact that your website does not work, does not mean that the server has downtime. While the server is available to deliver the content, the guarantee is met. It is your responsibility to have a content operation.
  5. To request a credit, please get in touch with facturacio@nexe.ws. All requests must be made in writing via email.

Errors connections, force majeure and fortuitous event:

Nexe not be liable for any errors, delays in access, delays in the system and any anomalies that may arise in relation to general problems in the Internet, the data center, due to unforeseen circumstances or force majeure or any Another contingency totally unpredictable and therefore outside the good faith Nexe . Nexe agree to try to resolve these issues by putting all the resources available and providing the necessary support to the user to fix the most incidences quickly and satisfactorily as possible. Also Nexe not responsible for the failures that may occur from these causes in communications, deletion or incomplete transitions so that does not guarantee that the website Be aware at all times when operating is due to matters beyond the control Nexe or this can not resolve with the means within their reach. USER disclaims all liability for Nexe if any of these causes come to occur. Furthermore, the user is solely responsible for backing up their content and their databases, trying to save them in a place outside the server itself in order to be recovered and restored if necessary.

Using the site:

Nexe not be liable for any errors or damages caused by the use of inefficient and bad faith on the part of the service contracts. Nor is responsible Nexe the consequences for major or minor miscommunication between Nexe CONTRACTOR and when it is not attributable to the operation of the email provided or falsity of the information provided by the CONTRACTOR in his log-in Nexe Tecnològic.


Nexe assume responsibilities that may arise from the provision of services within the limits and as specified in the General Conditions of Contract for various services made available to the user.

Responsibility for the use

Good use of the service:

The user is obliged to make good use of the service and therefore do not use it for any bad faith practice who is prohibited by law or rejected by commercial usage. Nexe is empowered by the General Conditions of ‘Using, from the moment that have actual knowledge of the implementation by the user for any action or illegal use in general to inform the competent authorities the circumstances and to unsubscribe the user or you restrict access to the site Nexe . The user is solely responsible for any claim or legal, judicial or extrajudicial initiated by third parties directly affected by the user before courts or other agencies, assuming that all expenses, costs and damages, if any, may take Nexe if the complaint is directed against this. Also Nexe collaborate and notified to the competent authority at the time these incidents that have actual knowledge that the damage constitute any unlawful activity, especially in the field of content entered by the user may violate rights or legitimate interests Nexe or third parties.

Actual knowledge:

Nexe , if some kind of statement to a third party on the alleged illegality of any content or activity conducted by a service user Nexe provided that such communication be received so that the communicating s’identifique correctly, proceed to put it to the attention of the user, and if that be manifestly unlawful activity, proceed to block the service. Because this activity be manifestly unlawful that unlawfulness must be unambiguous for all those who access content. In cases such as copyright and libel or slander Nexe can not get to settle whether or not the user has the right to display these contents are the same or constitute libel or slander being the only authority who can tell reliably such unlawful and, therefore, ordered the cessation of service.

Custody of passwords:

The user will be responsible for the security and confidentiality of all keys with which to access their private area, which are awarded to register as a user-made for the different services contracts having to keep them in place secure to prevent unauthorized access.

Due diligence:

The user is responsible for performing all the actions that are required due diligence. In special cases, the user must be diligent regarding the updating and accuracy of your personal data, primarily e-mail indicated in the user registration form as the main route of contact Nexe .


All prices listed Nexe are valid except for error. Nexe reserves the right to change prices without notice. Nexe reserves the right not to accept orders when deemed appropriate. Especially due to the volume of work and availability of personnel, in order to provide better service to products already purchased. Prices shown on the website do not include VAT unless otherwise.


The promotions are not acumulabes (unless otherwise). Promotions are valid except for typographical error.

Intellectual Property

All works, finished or not, are the property of Nexe until the USER has paid 100% of the bill, when it becomes the owner of the work.


Nexe and You agree to communicate and notify all incidents that occur during the use of the various services that can be hired, and preferably before any other means of communication through email. The email Nexe for such communications be info@nexe.ws and the user will be provided in the form of user registration Nexe . The user undertakes to keep operating this email and change it from its private area if necessary to continue receiving communications. In any case, it was a successor if any urgent problem or failure in the previous communication, communication will be through messaging, social networking or any other suitable purpose for which perseguisca. However, the preferred means of communication is email, without being Nexe from any liability that may arise from the lack of consultation or error in the email provided by the user. Each party will be responsible for the custody of copies of communications that take place. For questions we are at your disposal, our contact form.

Domains services

Refering to domain register, transfer and renew services, it will be applied the Domains contract.

SMS services

Refering to SMS services, it will be applied the Terms and conditions of the SMS message service.

Design service

The design work includes up to 2 revisions by the customer. Exhausted the 2 updates the client may hire extra hours if needed. Be aware that for the website to be accessible to the general public the client must have paid 100% of the amount budgeted, although lacking content included on the website. The client will provide the designer all content as soon as possible. Passed three months without the client sends new content, Nexe reserves the right to unilaterally cancel the contract with the client, the latter losing the quantities that have contributed so far.

Maintenance service

Packs and maintenance hours are valid for one year. The valid period could be extended by purchasing more hours, and only in the case that the price had not changed. Returns or exchanges are not allowed. The client will provide the designer all content as soon as possible. Passed three months without the client sending new contents, Nexe reserves the right to unilaterally cancel the contract with the client, and the client will lose the money that had paid so far.

Multilloc Gestionat (Managed multisite)

The recruitment product called Multilloc Gestionat (Managed multisite) implies acceptance by the client that may make use of designs and customizations WordPress theme during the period that the service has already hired topic it is used in rent. Also implies the commintment of the rest of specifications of the product.

Legal information